Meet Matt Williamson

More than 25+ years experience

  • 25 years’ sales & marketing experience.
  • Entrepreneur and multiple business owner.
  • Digital marketing/social media keynote speaker
  • Business Consultant
  • Was based in London for 10 years working with multinationals in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and US.
  • Social Media Expert and Facebook Advertising Specialist.
  • Proud Husband and Father.

Matt Williamson is an internet entrepreneur, social media expert, multiple business owner and digital marketer who specialises in assisting business owners to generate more revenue via the power of online marketing and advertising.

Sales & marketing for 25 years, Matt’s international client base spans Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, UK, financial institutions including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Accenture, AMP and dozens more.

Matt started his sales & marketing career in 1992 within the advertising fraternity in Adelaide. He was an early adopter of the internet and the subsequent emerging digital technologies.

What sets Matt apart is that he understands the “old school” values of sales & marketing, his journey started pre-internet, pre-mobile phones and whilst digital advertising has evolved over the years, understanding that sales is about dealing with people & human beings is something that can be easily forgotten.

Having worked in London for 10 years and dealing with large multinationals, Matt could see the frustration of his clients whose focus tended to be just on marketing and not LEAD GENERATION. The two are very different – and it is Lead Generation that is the powerhouse of a business. “Without incoming sales – you don’t have a sustainable business”.

Starting a management consulting company and a digital advertising business, he attributes his success to focusing on the one thing business owners care about – Lead Generation & Sales, and ensures his clients are able to utilise the powerful medium of the internet to increase leads, get more sales and make more profit.

Matt frequently speaks at events discussing the trends in digital marketing & social media and is a sought-after keynote speaker both in Australia & UK.

The owner of 3 businesses, Matt’s focus is to help business owners in Australia tap into the power of digital advertising so they too can take advantage of this powerful medium which for so long has been dominated by larger companies.


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